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If someone you love has recently died, you may not know what to do first.  Did your loved one have a will or trust?  How will you pay for his or her bills or funeral expenses?  What is probate?  But we have a will, do we really need a probate? (YES!)  You are not alone.  Many people don't know the answers to these and other similar questions.

At The Law Office of Kelly Kenn, in Issaquah, we understand that most people do not understand the probate process unless they have personally been through it before.  Kelly Kenn can explain this relatively simple process and guide you through probate.

Probate is the process of closing the estate of a deceased person, called the decedent.  The decedent's will is presented to the court to have the personal representative named and authorized to act.  If there is no will, the court, with the recommendations of your attorney, will appoint a personal representative who is the most appropriate person to manage the estate.  The personal representative makes sure that assets are gathered and evaluated, the creditors are paid, and the remaining assets and property are distributed to the beneficiaries.

In short, the probate process is necessary for the assets to be legally transferred from the decendent to the beneficiaries.  The attorney's involvement may include just filing the appropriate paperwork, or probate may require an attorney's more intensive, hands-on involvement to deal with problems and issues.  Either way, Kelly is able to help your family with whatever your needs are.

The goal at The Law Office of Kelly Kenn is to make the probate process as easy and simple as possible.  If a problem does arise - such as trouble with changing title on assets or creditor claims - we can handle it.  Its important to us that you have as little stress as possible and understand what is happening and why.

If you need help closing your loved one's estate through probate, regardless of whether the decedent had a will or not, contact Kelly Kenn at (425) 392-0351 or email kelly@kellykennlaw.com